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Heat Resistant Tape Application

 Our tape products are widely used in electrical appliances, automobiles, and construction, new energy, papermaking and printing, transportation, food industry, etc. As a heat resistant tape manufacturer, Hopelight provides a series of solutions to meet the needs of general and demanding applications. If you are looking for heat resistant tape for dryer, high temperature tape automotive, or high temperature stove pipe tape, don't miss the chance~

  • Electronic Tape
    Hopelight provides electrical tape high temperature solutions for smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, OLED and LCD displays, wearable devices and other smart devices and their parts and accessories, such as VOAoptical transparent tape, frame fixing, battery fixing, back cover fixed, etc.
  • Conductive Tape
    This electrical shielding tape has excellent fingerprint and solvent resistance characteristics, solving various appearances that may occur during processing problems; good heat dissipation provides more paste options for LED lighting and camera modules.
  • Splicing Tapes
    Release paper splicing tape is a special single-sided adhesive tape used in the artificial leather (PU synthetic leather, PVC artificial leather) manufacturing industry to bond surface-treated release paper.
  • Heat Transfer Tape
    When you want to print a personal image on a mug or T-shirt, use a thermal transfer printer to print out the photo we made, and then use a paper cutter to cut out the photo. Fix the photo on the heat transfer cup with high heat transfer tape.
  • Shielding Tape
    Electronic signals will interfere with some electronic products. Hopelight provides an electromagnetic shielding tape to solve the above problems with a good shielding effect.
  • Powder Coat Tape
    Car customization is one of the major trends in the automotive industry today. The strict requirements of the painting and maintenance process of parts such as car body and bumper cover require various powder coating masking tapes to help automakers create unique but replicable vehicle designs.
  • Transformer Tape
    After the transformer is assembled, the surface of the transformer is usually wrapped with multiple layers of insulating tape to increase the insulation performance of the transformer.
  • 3D Printing Kapton Tape
    3D printers need to pay attention to certain maintenance knowledge in daily life use. If you are printing directly on the surface of a glass or aluminum plate, then you need to clean the surface of the print tray with acetone every day or when you continue printing.
  • Refrigerator Tape
    The evaporator pipes are pasted with aluminum foil tape to prevent foaming materials from enclosing the pipes, affecting cold transfer, and avoiding foaming materials to corrode the pipes.
  • Electroplating Tape
    Glue requirements are very strict, unqualified will result in residual glue when the high-temperature resistant tape is peeled off after the electroplating process, or the plating area may be increased.