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Shelf Life of Teflon Adhesive Tape

A variety of engineering plastics are needed in industrial production, and Teflon tape is favored by people because of its superior performance, and is widely used in capacitor dielectrics, wire insulation, electrical instrument insulation, packaging, thermoplastic, composite, heat sealing, electronic and electrical fields. So after buying Teflon tape, does it have a shelf life?

1. Shelf life of Teflon tape

There is a shelf life of Teflon film tape. Judging from the feedback from customers, the shelf life should affect the viscosity and strength of Teflon film tape.

The back glue of Teflon film tape is silicone, and its viscosity will decrease due to the influence of time. Therefore, for manufacturers with high viscosity requirements, they should be used within 1 year after purchase, and the viscosity should be better within 3 to 5 months.

2. Factors affecting the shelf life of Teflon tape

If the Teflon film tape is in contact with the air for a long time, it will also be oxidized, which will affect its strength. The Teflon film tape with high strength is easy to tear when it is in contact with the air for a long time. Teflon film tape is a consumable, it should be replaced in time after a period of use, so as to avoid the impact on the product production due to the shelf life.

Teflon film tape is easy to use and has excellent insulation performance, so it is widely used in high temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, non-stick surface heat conduction shaft roll close wrapping, heating plate protection and shielding with extremely low surface friction, plastic mold workpiece demoulding, high temperature and high voltage cable insulation connection and wrapping, high temperature welding protection shielding of electronic components, plastic heat sealing and bonding of workpiece parts.

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