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What is Polyester Tape? How to Identify Polyester Tape?

Polyester tape includes green polyester tape, red polyester tape, transparent polyester tape and blue polyester tape, and has a long-term temperature resistance of 220°C.

The high temperature resistant polyester tape is made by first coating a layer of primer on the electrical grade low shrinkage polyester film substrate, then coating the specially formulated silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, and drying and cutting by special equipment. The product has good heat resistance and insulation performance. It is suitable for coil wrapping and lead wire wrapping and fixing of class F insulated electrical appliances and transformers. It can not warp after long-term use. It is also suitable for other occasions that require chemical resistance and temperature resistance. It is suitable for all kinds of difficult-to-stick materials.

Product features of polyester tape: long-term temperature resistance of 220 ℃, short-term 280 ℃; after high-temperature baking, no warpage, no residual glue; good insulation performance; long-term use without glue layer transfer; strong adhesion, suitable for all Paste on the surface of similar material.

Polyester tape has two main components, base material and glue. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers use low-quality materials to make high-temperature tapes, which greatly compromises the true quality. What's more, some tapes should originally use silicone water, but use other glues, whose temperature resistance is far less than 150 degrees. Because the temperature actually used in some industries does not need to be too high, not exceeding 200 degrees, it is not easy to detect under normal circumstances. High temperature resistant polyester tape is mainly identified from the following points:

(1) Smell;

(2) Appearance;

(3) Residues after ignition and combustion;

(4) The actual high temperature test, after a high temperature of 200 degrees, check whether there is residual glue, shrinkage, etc.