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Application of High Temperature Polyimide Tape Products in Different Fields

Ⅰ. Features and applications of high temperature polyimide tape

1. High-temperature polyimide tape can be used in the electronic and electrical industry for insulation wrapping of H-class motor and transformer coils with higher requirements, wrapping and fixing the ends of high-temperature resistant coils, protection of temperature measuring thermal resistance, tangling of capacitors and wires, and others at high temperatures. High temperature polyimide tape is used for bonding insulation under working conditions.

2. In the circuit board manufacturing industry, high temperature polyimide tape can be used for electronic protection and paste, especially for SMT temperature protection, electronic switches, PCB board gold finger protection, electronic transformers, relays, and other electronic components that require high temperature and moisture protection. And according to the needs of the special process, low-static and flame-retardant high-temperature polyimide tape is matched!

3. High-temperature polyimide tape provides reinforcement and protection on high-temperature surfaces, and high-temperature spray paint and sandblasting of metal materials mask the surface protection. After high-temperature spray paint and baking, it is easy to peel off without leaving any residual glue. Polyimide high temperature tape has the advantages of high temperature resistance, high tensile strength, good chemical resistance, no residual glue, and conforms to ROHS environmental protection and halogen-free.

Ⅱ. Industrial application of high temperature polyimide tape products

Ultra-thin high-temperature polyimide tape is mainly used for high-temperature insulation winding such as painting, baking, transformers, motors, coils, capacitors and variable frequency power supplies.

The performance of high-temperature polyimide tape is currently the largest application field for flexible printed circuit boards. With the rapid development of electronic products, there are severe challenges to electronic assembly technology one after another.

In order to cater to the development of electronic technology, people have made bold innovations in electronic assembly technology. High temperature polyimide tape plays an irreplaceable role in this field.