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Identification Method and Product Characteristics of Polyimide Tape

Ⅰ. Identification method of polyimide tape

1. Look at the material

Polyimide tape is mainly composed of two parts: base material and glue. If it is a fake polyimide tape, whether it is temperature resistance or insulation performance is far lower than the real polyimide tape.

2. Smell the smell

If the polyimide tape has a strong taste and a sour smell, the polyimide tape is likely to be fake, and its adhesiveness and retention will be very poor.

3. Carry out high temperature test

Perform actual high temperature test on the polyimide tape. After the high temperature, check the peeling force, whether there is residual glue, shrinkage, etc. Because the temperature resistance of real polyimide tape is usually between 120°C and 260°C.

4. Look at the appearance

Looking at the brightness of the polyimide tape surface, generally speaking, the color of inferior high temperature tape is a little dark, and the probability of breakage is very high, and the strength is poor. On the contrary, a good quality polyimide tape has better surface gloss.

5. Look at the residue after burning

You can bake it with a lighter for 1 to 2 seconds, and then touch it with your hands. If it is ordinary, touch it by hand after burning, the glue will stick to the hand, if it is a real polyimide tape, it will not stick to the hand.

6. Conduct material inspection

When testing, see the instructions of the polyimide tape. Because of the different types, some polyimide tapes are as sticky after high temperature resistance, some are torn off after high temperature resistance without leaving residual glue, and some are not deformed after high temperature resistance, so the specifics still need to be See what your tape looks like.

Ⅱ. Product features of polyimide tape

1. The tape has a short-term temperature resistance of 300°C and a long-term temperature resistance of 260°C.

2. The ultra-thin polyimide tape has good conformability, solvent resistance, no tin penetration, no glue residue, and the product has excellent electrical properties.

3. Ultra-thin polyimide tape has high insulation, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, low electrolysis, good mechanical properties, abrasion resistance, and tear resistance.

4. Ultra-thin polyimide tape is treated with special adhesive and has strong adhesion, leaving no residue on the masked surface after tearing off.