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Winding Method of Heat Resistant Insulation Tape

The laying of power lines is becoming more and more complicated, and it can be found under wooden floors, in walls, in partitions, and in wet ground or water. If the heat resistant insulation tape is used improperly, electric leakage will occur, endangering personal safety. So, we must use heat-resistant insulating tape correctly. And because in the process of using electricity, although people have noticed that the size of the cross-sectional area of the power cord material has an impact on the safe use of electricity, they often pay insufficient attention to the use of insulating tape for the joints. If the heat resistant insulation tape is used improperly, it will cause leakage, endanger personal safety or cause a fire. So, how to use heat resistant insulation tape correctly?

The power cord connector is divided into different ways of connection. The joint should be tightly wound, smooth and without thorns. Before the thread is disconnected, the thread should be gently pressed with the wire pliers, then wound to the mouth, and then swing left and right, the thread will be disconnected at the joint very obediently. If the joint is in a dry place, first wrap two layers of heat-resistant insulating tape, then two layers of plastic tape (also called PVC adhesive tape), and then use insulating self-adhesive tape to stretch about 200% and wrap two or three layers, and finally wrap two layers of plastic tape.

There are many disadvantages of the direct use of plastic tape: the plastic tape will tend to be misplaced and open after a long time; when the electrical load is heavy, the connector will heat up, and the plastic tape will melt and shrink; the power connector is pressed against each other in the junction box, and the connector has burrs. It is easy to puncture plastic tape, etc. These hidden dangers directly endanger personal safety, cause moderate wiring and cause fire. The use of heat-resistant insulating tape, like the application of heat-resistant Teflon tape, will not cause the above situation. It has a certain strength and flexibility, which can tightly wrap the joints for a long time. In additiom, it is dry and fixed under the influence of time and temperature, which will not fall off. It is flame retardant. Furthermore, it can prevent moisture and rust after being wrapped with heat-resistant insulating tape.

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