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Material and Price Analysis of Aluminum Foil Tape

Aluminum foil tape has a wide range of functions, such as repairing damaged marks, anti-radiation, tracheal bandaging, preventing temperature emissions, and more. If certain products are damaged or need to be sealed, this aluminum foil tape can be used. For example, refrigerators, freezers, etc. are made of this aluminum foil tape as a sealing material. In addition to household appliances, air conditioning, automotive, and electronics industries, aluminum foil tape is also widely used in various industries.

Aluminum foil tape can also be used to wrap the trachea. For example, if there are holes in the pipeline, it can be wrapped with aluminum foil tape. The trachea can be reused without malfunction. For instance, cars can be repaired with aluminum foil tape to prevent pipeline aging. Aluminum foil tape can also effectively prevent temperature emissions and has insulation properties. If there are cracks or no cracks in some steam pipelines, aluminum foil tape can also be applied to effectively prevent pipeline aging and avoid heat dissipation.

1. What is aluminum foil tape made of?

Aluminum foil tape is mainly made of hypoallergenic adhesive, which has good viscosity and strong adhesion. After bonding, it can ensure its insulation performance.

2. What are the specifications and prices of aluminum foil tape?

There are relevant standards for its specifications, and the width and length are between 0.05~0.08mm. It can also be customized according to customer requirements. The market price range of aluminum foil tape is around 1-4 US dollars (this price is a market reference price, the actual price depends on the different materials and adhesives used).

3. Is aluminum foil tape heat-resistant?

The conventional heat-resistant aluminum foil tape on the market generally has a tolerance temperature of about 180~200℃, which can basically meet the various needs of the conventional industries in the market. If there is a relatively high requirement for heat resistance, it is necessary to find a manufacturer for customized production.

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