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Identification and Functional Analysis of the Quality of Aluminum Foil Duct Tape

In life, we often see aluminum foil duct tape in many places, and its uses are as extensive as double-sided tape.

In order to ensure the quality of aluminum foil duct tapes and have good performance in practical applications, it is necessary to know the quality of aluminum foil duct tapes before purchasing.

Ⅰ. How to distinguish the quality of aluminum foil duct tape?

1. First look at the appearance of the aluminum foil duct tape. The appearance of the good quality tape is neat and unbroken, and there is no gap between the tape layers.

2. Take an aluminum foil duct tape and tear a small section for inspection. If the adhesive layer is relatively uniform and sticky, it means the quality is better.

3. You can feel the softness of the aluminum foil duct tape with your hands. If it feels too hard, it is not conducive to construction; if it is too soft, the tensile strength is not enough, and moderate is better.

4. The aluminum foil duct tape has the characteristics of not being afraid of fire, high temperature resistance, and excellent flame retardancy. Burning under an open flame for a long time will leave carbon black on the surface, and the carbon black will be wiped off after gently wiping, revealing the original color of the aluminum foil.

Ⅱ. The function of aluminum foil duct tape

Because the aluminum foil duct tape has the function of heat preservation, it can effectively prevent the water pipe from freezing due to the large temperature drop. However, many people may not know that aluminum foil duct tape has many other functions besides wrapping water pipes.

1. Anti-mildew and anti-fouling in the kitchen

aluminum foil duct tape has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, it is difficult to breed microorganisms on the surface, and it is easy to clean. It is suitable for use in humid environments, and has the effect of anti-mildew and anti-fouling, such as the side seam of the stove and the sink, the corner of the drawer of the kitchen cabinet, etc.

2. Range hood duct seal

If the ventilation duct of the range hood at home is easily loosened, it can be wrapped with aluminum foil duct tape to fix it, and it can also play a sealing role.

3. Repair the pot

Some slightly damaged pots can also be pasted with aluminum foil duct tape, which can not only repair the pot, but also play a thickening role to make the pot more resistant to burning.

In addition to the above uses, aluminum foil duct tape can also play a certain role in electromagnetic shielding, but this use is mainly suitable for the production of electronic products.

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