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Conductive Tape

The conductive shielding tape is very useful at present, because now smart phones mainly use LDS and FPC antennas. Due to the substantial increase in 5G frequency, the antenna size has shrunk sharply in the millimeter wave range. The design of electronic equipment is also becoming more and more miniaturized and refined. The internal components of the equipment are arranged more and more precise, and the reserved bonding area is gradually reduced. 

Complex designs require better grounding and shielding solutions. The conductive shielding tape (also called EMI shielding tape) has high-performance conduction and shielding characteristics, which can provide good EMI electromagnetic shielding and conductive shielding applications for displays and other components, which will be the mainstream applications in the future.

Hopelight provides a variety of conductive metal tapes:

Material: conductive aluminium tape, copper tape emi shielding

Color: black conductive tape, silver conductive tape

Side: single side conductive tape, double sided conductive tape

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