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Common Knowledge and Application of Copper Foil Tape

1. Applications of Copper Foil Tapes

The main feature of Copper Foil Tapes lies in the copper foil used. Copper foil possesses low oxygen characteristics on its surface, which can adhere to a variety of different base materials such as metal and insulation materials, and has a wide temperature range of use.

Copper Foil Tapes are mainly used in various electronic products requiring electromagnetic shielding, such as PDAs, PDPs, LCD displays, laptops, copiers, and other places. Copper Foil Tapes are also used to wrap steam pipes to prevent heat loss.

In addition, Copper Foil Tapes are mainly used for conducting difficult-to-fix insulating bodies. However, their application in aviation is relatively rare.

2. Common Knowledge about Copper Foil Tapes

1) Test conditions are at room temperature of 25 °C, and relative humidity below 65 °C, which are tested in accordance with the American ASTM D-1000 standards.

2) When storing Copper Foil Tapes, in order to prevent oxidation, it is recommended to keep the room dry and ventilated. Generally, domestically produced copper can be stored for 6 months, while imported copper can be stored for a longer period.

3) Copper Foil Tapes are mainly used to eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI) and isolate electromagnetic waves that may pose harm to humans. They are mainly used in computer peripheral cables, computer displays, and transformer manufacturers.

4) They are classified into single-sided and double-sided coatings.

Single-sided Copper Foil Tapes are further divided into single-conductor Copper Foil Tapes and double-conductor Copper Foil Tapes. Single-conductor Copper Foil Tapes refer to tapes whose coating surface is non-conductive, with only the other side made of copper being conductive. Double-conductor Copper Foil Tapes, however, refer to tapes that have both sides of the copper foil conductive. There are also double-sided adhesive copper foil tapes used to make more expensive composite materials, and their adhesive surface is divided into conductive and non-conductive types. Customers can choose according to their needs for conductivity.

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