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Hopelight 2020 Outreach Activities

On May 19, 2020, the original ecology of Shuilian Mountain welcomed the partners of HOPELIGHT. Here we launched a day of outdoor expansion and launched an intense outdoor expansion. Such activities are so inspiring and so exciting. 

Each project gave us a particularly big surprise, also exercised the growth of everyone in the team, and gave us a spiritual wealth on the road of life. Under the on-site guidance of professional coaches, all the trainees participated in the event with 100% concentration and completed a number of interesting and meaningful field development projects. Our success again and again is the full devotion of each team member, the cooperation and unity of the entire team. This outreach activity not only brings orderly relaxation to everyone's work and life, but also allows every employee to integrate into the big family faster and better, and further enhances everyone's team awareness and creates a harmonious company. Atmosphere. The activity is just a way, but in this process, the team members strengthened their sense of responsibility and team spirit. Through the activity, everyone further realized the hardships of struggle and the joy of harvest, and expressed that they would apply what they learned to work and life. The career is more outstanding.

Finally, we need to trust each other and believe in the collective. Trust is the basis of communication, and trust is the bridge of understanding. Only by fully trusting colleagues and trusting the collective can a team with strong combat effectiveness be formed and work goals can be accomplished more efficiently.