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Nano tape is a new type of sticky material, mainly composed of nano tape short fibers and polymers. Through nano level design and manufacturing, the adhesion ability of nano tape has been greatly improved, and it can be reused without leaving any traces of glue. Express yourself with versatile Nano tape from Hopelight, a renowned manufacturer. Contact us for the affordable heat-resistant tape price to explore endless creative possibilities!


width3/4/5/6/8/10/12/15/18/20/30/40mm or oem
Adhesive SideDouble Sided
Holding Power Hrs4000-7000
package1pc in a poly bag
featurestrong adhesive/self adhesive/no residue left /washable/reusable
applicationto stick or fix your item
length3/5/10/30meters or oem

Application Of NANO Tape

Nano tape has a wide range of applications in life and work:

  • Home use: Nano tape can be used for wall photo hooks, and can also be used to fix cables, sunshade cloth, etc.

  • Office use: Nano tape can be used for writing board hooks, and can also be used to fix documents, notebooks, etc.

  • Vehicle use: Nano tape can be used to fix mobile phones, store small objects, etc.

  • Decorative use: Nano tape can be used to decorate stationery, watches, mobile phones, etc.

Material Composition Of NANO Tape

Nano tape is mainly composed of the following three materials: 1) Nano-level short fibers, such as carbon fiber, silicon fiber, etc.; 2) Polymer adhesive, nano-level polymer materials, such as polyethylene, polyurethane, etc.; 3) Surface Active agent can improve the adhesion properties of nano-tape on the surface.

NANO Tape-Feature

  • Nano tape has the following characteristics:

  • High viscosity: strong adhesion and reusable.

  • No glue traces left: No traces of glue will be left after use, and it will not damage walls, desktops, etc.

  • Waterproof and moisture-proof: It has waterproof and moisture-proof properties and can be used in humid environments.

  • Cuttable: It can be cut freely as needed, making it easy to match and use.

  • Beautiful: different colors, shapes, and patterns make your stickers more interesting.

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