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6 Characteristics and 5 Applications of Teflon Adhesive Tape

Ⅰ. The advantages of Teflon adhesive tape

1. It is used for low temperature -196 ℃, high temperature 300 ℃, weather resistance and aging resistance. After practical application, if placed at a high temperature of 250°C for 200 days, not only the strength will not decrease, but also the weight will not decrease. After 120 hours at 350°C, the weight loss was only about 0.6%. Ultra-low temperature below -180℃, maintain original softness.

2. Non-stick: The surface is smooth and not easy to adhere to any substance. Easy to clean oil stains, stains or other attachments adhering to the surface; pastes, resins, paints and almost all sticky substances can be easily removed.

3. It is resistant to corrosion by chemicals, strong acids, strong alkalis, water and various organic solvents.

4. Drug resistance, non-toxic. Resistant to almost all drugs.

5. High insulation performance (small dielectric constant: 2.6, tangent below 0.0025), anti-ultraviolet, anti-static.

6. Flame retardant; easy to use and long service life.

Ⅱ. The main use of Teflon adhesive tape

1. It is used for packaging food, dairy products, medicines, and heat-sealing plastic parts.

2. It is used on the surface of sizing roller, used for packaging dyeing and resin processing.

3. Roller surface and adhesive coating machine for packaging adhesive.

4. It is used to seal the friction surface between the feed hopper and the guide rail.

5. For encapsulating non-stick and smooth parts.

Because Teflon film has excellent flexibility and excellent resistance to bending, these properties can be maintained over a wide temperature range without losing its inherent excellent chemical resistance. It is resistant to solvents, acids and bases and can even be boiled in strong acids and bases without losing the strength of the film. The moisture permeability of Teflon film is very low, and the moisture permeability to air and most organic substances (except ester and ketone organic compounds). Teflon film has good electrical insulation properties, and both dielectric constant and volume resistivity are relatively high.

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