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Understanding Polyimide Tape!

What is Polyimide Tape?

Polyimide tape, also known as PI tape and brown high-temperature tape, is made by manufacturers using polyacrylonitrile plastic film (PI) as a substrate and coating it with organic silicone or improved acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. It possesses properties of high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, washability, electrical insulation (H-class), and anti-electromagnetic radiation.

Polyimide tape is suitable for PCB circuit board wave soldering machine tin shielding for electronic devices, maintenance of gold fingers and high-end household appliance insulation, motor insulation, and fixing the positive and negative electrodes of lithium batteries.

The manufacturer of polyimide tape uses polyacrylonitrile plastic film as a substrate and applies a single-layer adhesive of high-precision organic silicone or polyurethane resin. The raw materials can be a single-layer fluoroplastic release and composite or non-composite materials. The adhesive has high precision of ±2.5um, with no scratches, metal drawing, or uneven adhesive application. The tape has excellent heat resistance and washability, and is easy to cut and process using a punching die.

Applications of Polyimide Tape:

In the field of electrical and electronic engineering, polyimide tape can be used to bundle the electromagnetic coil insulation layer of H-class motors and transformers, fix the top of the heat-resistant electromagnetic coil, maintain the temperature measurement thermocouple, wrap capacitors and cable wires, and maintain other insulating layers of adhesion under high-temperature working standards.

In the field of PCB circuit board production and manufacturing, polyimide tape can be used to maintain and stick electronic components, especially for SMT heat-resistant maintenance, switch elements, PCB gold fingers maintenance, electronic transformers, automotive relays and other electronic components that must be heat-resistant and have insulation and waterproof maintenance.

The manufacturer of polyimide tape also produces an antistatic and flame-retardant version using a unique manufacturing process. The tape has high-temperature surface reinforcement maintenance, metal composite material high-temperature spray coating, sandblasting treatment spray masking surface maintenance, and after high-temperature spray baking, it can be easily removed without leaving any glue residue. It has advantages of high heat resistance, high tensile strength, excellent solvent resistance, no adhesive marks, and compliance with ROHS environmental protection standards.

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