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Polyimide Silicone Tape

Polyimide silicone tape, also called as kapton tape, is based on polyimide film, coated with high-performance silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side with single-sided fluorine release liner or not. High-precision coating reaches at 0.025mm, no scratches, wire drawing and other phenomena, good shearability, easy punching die-cutting processing, with excellent high temperature resistance and solvent resistance.

Advantages Of Polyimide Silicone Tape

  • Customized low adhesion, medium adhesion, strong adhesion according to customer requirements., the stock is sufficient. Quality assurance. Quick delivery.

  • Variety specifications for your choice.

  • High-temperature resistance and heat insulation protection, Polyimide silicone tape not only plays a role in heat insulation protection of various electronic and electrical equipment but also can be applied with wire wrapping, etc.

  • Environmental protection, no odor, insulation withstand voltage.

  • Easy peeling, strong adhesion, no residue left on the masked surface after tearing off.

  • Polyimide silicone tape has a wide range of applications, protect the gold finger part of the circuit board. At the same time, it is also used in motor insulation and the fixing of positive and negative poles of lithium batteries.    

Parameters Of Polyimide Silicone Tape

BackingPolyimide film
Coefficient of the tapeSilicone
Film thickness (mm)0.0250.0250.050.050.0750.1250.1250.15
Total thickness (mm)
Fluorine release liner thickness (mm)
Length(m)33m/max 750m
Tensile strength (KG/25mm)2014454545454545
Elongation %6065656565656565
Breakdown strength≥150N/25mm
Withstand Voltage KV66101010101015
Adhesion (N/25mm )566.
Temperature Resistance℃280℃ 30mins

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