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The transparent ESD cellulose packaging tape is crafted from a cellulose film with inherent anti-static properties (without the need for an additional anti-static coating). This feature is crucial for neutralizing static accumulation that might happen when electronic parts are being moved or shipped. Its clear design ensures that the contents within the package remain visible, providing assurance that the components stay safe and accounted for during transportation.

Packaging Tape-Properties

ItemValueTest Standard
Tape Thickness (um)55GB/T7125
Initial Adhesion (Ball number#)≥17#GB/T4852
180° Peel Adhesion (N/25mm)≥9.0GB/T2792
Holding Power (H)≥48GB/T4851
Elogation (%}20≤E≤45GB/T30776
Tensile Strength (N/25mm)≥48GB/T30776
Organic Composition (Volatile Solids Content) (%)99.3YZ/T0160.2-2017
Relative Biodegradation Rate (180d) (%)92.3YZ/T0160.2-2017
SizeWidth: 19/42/44/46/49/50mm
(Customized Available)
Clear Jumbo roll: 860mmx5000m
Printed Jumbo roll: 560mmx5000m
Shelf Life
2 Years

Application  Of Packaging Tape

Suitable for electrostatic sensitive devices, electronic passive components processing, electrostatic shielding of packaging bag seals, special coating surfaces protection, auxiliary protection of transferred pollutants, etc.

Packaging Tape-Feature

  • Utilizing ESD packaging tape offers the key advantage of exceptional defense against electrostatic discharge, a critical concern for the integrity of electronic components. Static electricity poses a significant risk to the intricate circuits within these components, potentially causing them to malfunction or fail. Employing this tape allows manufacturers and distributors to safeguard their electronic products against any static electricity encountered during transit or handling.

  • Moreover, clear ESD cellulose tape stands out for its environmental benefits, being crafted from cellulose, a material that is both biodegradable and compostable. This characteristic renders it an ideal choice for businesses committed to environmental sustainability.

  • Beyond its capability to prevent static damage, this clear ESD cellulose tape is also user-friendly in terms of application and removal. Compatible with standard tape dispensers, its adhesive is designed for clean removal, ensuring it leaves no residue behind and does not harm the electronic device’s components.

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