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Why Does Teflon Adhesive Tape Come Off? How to Prevent Fire Accidents in the Production Process?

Teflon adhesive tape is made of glass fiber cloth impregnated with PTFE resin. Has been widely used, including: packaging, thermoplastic, composite, electrical and other industries.

Ⅰ. Why does Teflon adhesive tape come off?

In order to reduce production costs, many Teflon adhesive tape manufacturers are using a lot of inferior materials, resulting in large-scale degumming problems for many customers to buy. What is the reason for degumming? How can we avoid degumming?

1. Teflon adhesive tape manufacturers need to process it when producing Teflon adhesive tape. In the process of nanocompositing, due to technical reasons, the nanochemical coating will appear uneven, which will cause the adhesive tape to be in the bonding process. In order to deal with the degumming problem caused by this reason, the manufacturer should carry out surface treatment, use high-quality chemical treatment agent, and the treatment time must be long, so that the Teflon adhesive tape can be completely removed. The surface is fully activated.

2. Different Teflon adhesive tape manufacturers choose different glues, including heat pressure sensitive adhesives, silicone, acrylic glues, etc. Different quality glues have different degrees of adhesion. If low-quality, low-concentration cheap glues are used, the problem of degumming of Teflon adhesive tapes is easy to occur. Therefore, these low-quality, low-concentration and cheap silicone materials cannot be used. It is best to use a glue that has a high viscosity, is not easy to squeeze and has a long shelf life.

3. If the Teflon adhesive tape is stored for too long, it will cause problems such as aging and falling off of the coating. In order to solve this problem, packaging and storage are very important. When storing, it should be sealed with film and placed in a dry, dark and well-ventilated place.

Ⅱ. How to prevent fire accidents in the production process of Teflon adhesive tape

Fire accidents will threaten public safety and people's lives and properties. How to avoid fire accidents in the production process of Teflon adhesive tape? We should do a good job of preventive work and safety production policies in advance, and formulate corresponding rules for the production of Teflon adhesive tape. Next, I will tell you that the following points should be mainly achieved in the prevention of Teflon adhesive tape fire:

1. Install fire water pipes and configure satisfactory fire fighting equipment:

(1) Fire water pipes must be laid on the Teflon belt conveyor road, and sufficient water pressure and water volume must be ensured. Set up a tee every 50 meters, and each conveyor head should be equipped with fire-fighting tape with a length of not less than 25 meters. When there is a fire, please connect it to the tee immediately and put out the fire with water.

(2) On-duty inspection troops equipped with corresponding Teflon adhesive tapes shall conscientiously perform their duties and inspection standards. A separate storage room must be established to store inflammable and explosive materials, and be equipped with sufficient fire-fighting equipment.

(3) Others, a sufficient number of other fire-fighting equipment such as sand, loess, water, fire extinguishers, etc. should be provided near the head of each Teflon belt conveyor. These devices must be carefully protected to ensure proper use in the event of a fire.

2. Teflon adhesive tape conveyor should use flame retardant tape: the test of flame retardant tape must be strictly strengthened to avoid the use of unqualified flame retardant tape and improve the flame retardancy and wear resistance of raw materials. The tape is made of materials with high flame retardancy, low smoke and toxic gas for mine production to achieve the purpose of safe production.

3. Equipped with qualified fire-fighting equipment that meets the specifications, and often conduct fire-fighting safety inspections. If major accidents are found, measures must be taken to eliminate them in time. Teflon adhesive tape has excellent high temperature resistance, anti-adhesion, good stability, it is widely used in product packaging, electrical engineering, textile sizing, plastic steel welding and other industries.