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Initial Adhesion Test and Application Method of Tape Polyester

Initial adhesion test of tape polyester is carried out by the method of inclined rolling ball. It is fast and easy to operate. The number of equipment is small, and the requirement for proficiency is not high. The inclined rolling ball method has been implemented for more than ten years and has achieved good economic and social benefits. The results show that the initial viscosity test of inclined rolling ball method has good repeatability, and it can also detect the change between batches of products in production. This test method is mainly used for quality control. The following points should be paid attention to during the test.

1. The thickness of the adhesive layer of the tested tape polyester remains constant;

2. There is no problem in the bonding between the adhesive and its backing material;

3. The stiffness of the back material does not affect the adhesion of tape polyester.

The unique properties of tape polyester can not be replaced by other tape products. Therefore, it is suitable for use in high temperature and electric environment such as the internal insulation of electrical appliances, the packaging of solar tape, the protection of the smooth surface, etc. In addition, it is also widely used in the automotive industry, electronic industry, coating industry. Next, as a mature polyester tape manufacturer, Hopelight will then introduce the correct use of tape polyester. 

(1) The base course should be treated before using tape polyester. There should be no floating ash, stains and grease on the base course. If the surface of the base course is uneven, it will seriously affect the adhesion of the adhesive tape, so the surface of the base course should be kept smooth as far as possible. 

(2) In general, the length and width of tape polyester have fixed size. If the part used is not suitable for the size, a knife can be used to cut and correct so that it will not affect the pasting effect because of the inappropriate size of tape polyester.  

(3) In the process of using tape polyester, it is necessary to flatten the tape, and then stick it on the part to be used. And after sticking, press the surface by hand to squeeze out the air under the tape. Only in this way can the tape polyester be stable.