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Know Something about Grill Mats

Generally, the barbecue wire mush on your grill will inevitably rust after a certain number of times of use, and black stains that are difficult to clean are adhered, which requires replacing the grilling net on a regular basis to ensure the hygiene and safety of the food during grilling. However, the use of grill mats can solve this problem more economically, which is more hygienic as well. Because under normal use, a gill mat can be used continuously for more than one hundred times. Considering the added value to the barbecue grill, food safety and your health, the grill mat is definitely an essential barbecue tool with a good value for money.

Ⅰ. Main performance characteristics of grill mats:

1. Heat resistance

2. Non-sticky

The surface is smooth and no substance are easy to adhere.

3. Safety

It can be used safely in the dishwasher, and has anti-corrosion function, food can be put on it safely.

4. Durability

Prevent oil stains from overflowing to the bottom of the oven during the baking process. The size can be cut according to the requirements of consumers, and can also be used repeatedly.

5. Easy to clean

Using the same material as the heat-resistant Teflon tape, grill mat is easy to clean all that attached to the surface such as oil stains, and dirt. It can be directly rinsed with water, or simply be wiped with a cloth.

Ⅱ. How to use grill mat

For food heating:

1. Use scissors to cut the large grill mats to the desired size and shape.

2. It can be put on top of pot, pan or other containers.

3. Put food on the baking sheet.

4. After the food is cooked, wait for it to cool, then take out the grill mat and wash it with washing water.

5. The grill mat can be used repeatedly.

Used as an oven gasket:

1. Electric oven: Place it on the bottom of grill of the electric oven.

2. Steam oven: On the bottom drying rack, it cannot be placed directly at the bottom.

3. As a pretreatment surface, it can be used as a work surface for dough processing by applying its anti-stick characteristics.