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Features and Applications of Glass Cloth Tape

1. Features of Glass Cloth Tape

Glass cloth tape is made of high-quality alkali-free glass cloth, coated with imported silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive and treated at high temperature. Glass cloth tape has good temperature resistance (-50℃~285℃), strong adhesion, strong toughness, and tear resistance. It is used for H-class heat-resistant insulation binding, various high-temperature sandblasting protection, and high-strength insulation protection such as lithium-manganese battery insulation wrapping.

Glass cloth heat-resistant tape is a kind of heat-resistant textile tape made of high-quality alkali-free glass cloth, coated with imported silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive on one or both sides. The thickness of single-sided glass cloth tape is 0.18 millimeters, and that of double-sided glass cloth tape is 0.2 millimeters, processed by high-temperature treatment.

2. Introduction to the Main Application Characteristics of Glass Cloth Tape

1. The surface of the glass cloth tape is treated with a special anti-corrosion coating, which greatly improves its corrosion resistance. At the same time, using polyethylene hot air sticking method eliminates the need for composite adhesives, avoiding the residual water or solvent during the composite process causing corrosion and mildew on the aluminum foil surface.

2. The glass cloth tape is directly hot-pressed, which saves composite adhesives and reduces the cost of single panel composite materials.

3. The water vapor permeability is smaller, increasing the water vapor barrier effect: the middle heat-sealing polyethylene layer of the glass cloth tape is thicker than the ordinary single panel surface, and the water vapor permeability is relatively low, which makes the water vapor barrier effect better. It can better protect insulation materials such as glass wool.

4. Better tensile strength, more straight panels: Glass cloth tape has higher mechanical strength than reinforced aluminum foil tape and is more suitable for online bonding in glass filament factories, rock wool factories, and mineral wool factories.

5. The aluminum foil surface is smoother, reducing the damage to it: due to the characteristics of its fine cloth, thick polyethylene layer, smooth surface, and small friction damage to the aluminum foil surface, the glass cloth tape acts as a water vapor barrier.

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