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Copper Tape With Non-conductive Adhesive

  • copper tape with non-conductive adhesive
  • Copper tape with non-conductive adhesive
  • Copper tape with non-conductive adhesive
  • Copper tape with non-conductive adhesive

Copper tape with non-conductive adhesive is made of high-quality acrylic glue and high-quality copper material as carrier. Copper tape with non-conductive adhesive has strong adhesion, good electrical conductivity, strong sealing performance, easy to fit, anti-aging, and can be used tortuously. Copper tape with non-conductive adhesive can be cut into various types according to customers' requirements and specifications. Copper tape with non-conductive adhesive function is to eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI), isolate the human body from electromagnetic waves, and avoid unnecessary voltage and current to affect the function.

Hopelight is a professional manufacturer of copper duct tape with non-conductive adhesive. If you are interested in our copper-colored duct tape products, you can take a closer look at the specifications! Ensure peak performance with products from Hopelight, one of the most trusted copper foil tape manufacturers of industry-specific solutions. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Conductive Copper Foil Tape With Non-conductive Adhesive-TDS

copper foil
acrylic glue
Log roll width
120℃ 30mins

Application Of Conductive Copper Foil Tape with Non-conductive Adhesive

  • Suitable for all kinds of transformers, mobile phones, computers, PDAs, PDPs, LCD monitors,

  • Places where electromagnetic shielding is required in various electronic products such as notebook computers and copiers.

As a professional China copper tape manufacturer, Hopelight specializes in manufacturing and providing different types of copper tape for various applications. If you want to buy non-conductive electrical tape for your specific application, don't hesitate to contact us!

Features Of conductive copper foil tape with non-conductive adhesive

  • Strong adhesion and good conductivity

  • Temperature resistance -10℃-120℃

  • Eliminate electromagnetic (EMI) interference

  • Avoid unnecessary voltage and current

  • Good effect on electrostatic discharge after grounding

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