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ESD Kapton Tape

  • Esd Kapton Tape
  • Esd Kapton Tape
  • Esd Kapton Tape

Antistatic polyamide tape is also called KAPTON ESD Tape, ESD PI tape, ESD polyimide tape. The KAPTON tape is based on a polyamide film with antistatic treatment on both sides (using proton bombardment technology in a plasma environment, antistatic treatment on one or both sides, the static index can reach 105, without adding any additives or paste any substance to maintain the original properties of the film. The adhesive force between the adhesive and the film is twice that of ordinary products).

Single-sided coated imported high-performance silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive, the surface resistance of the back surface of the tape is less than 107, coated The surface is less than 109, and the stripping electrostatic voltage of the tape is less than 50V, to ensure that the electronic parts products will not be damaged by the static voltage generated when the tape is separated. Good shearing, easy punching and die-cutting processing, with excellent high temperature resistance and solvent resistance. ESD Kapton tape made to last, direct from the professional polyimide tape company. Contact Hopelight for durable and versatile solutions. We're just a call away!

ESD Kapton Tape Technical Data


ESD polyimide film








33/66/200 (customized)



Tensile Strength(N/25mm)




Temperature Resistance(℃)


Surface resistance(Ω)


Main Features Of ESD Kapton Tape

  • ESD kapton tape is ultra-thin, only 0.06mm thick, clearly visible through looking at coins!

silicone adhesive and electrostatic fluid polyimide film

  • High temperature resistance Because ESD polyimide tape is made of polyimide film coated with high-temperature resistant silicone, so it has a strong temperature resistance.

  • No residual, strong adhesion, and after being removed, the masked surface does not leave traces.

  • Excellent anti-static effect on the back (≤ 105 ~ 8Ω/sq) Anti-static effect on the silicone adhesive surface (≤ 109 ~ 10Ω/sq) Permanent anti-static effect with very low peeling voltage (≤ 100 V) Suitable for PCB process with an anti-static effect.

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