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The Use and Application Performance of Glass Cloth Tape

Glass cloth tape is used for interlayer insulation and bundling of transformers (especially high-frequency transformers and microwave oven transformers), fixation of local parts of ovens, bundling and fixation of metal strips, winding fixation of ceramic heaters and quartz tubes, etc.

1. The performance of glass cloth tape

Glass cloth tape is a tape with glass fiber composite PET film as the base material. Fiber tape has extremely high tensile strength and quality, and is resistant to abrasion, scratches, and strong load-bearing capacity.

Glass cloth adhesive tape has extremely high tensile strength, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, strong adhesion, strong load-bearing capacity, and special products are resistant to aging, high temperature, ultraviolet, and flame retardant.

Therefore, glass cloth tape has a wide range of applications, including strapping, fixing, coil end sealing, heavy carton sealing, pallet cargo winding and fixing, pipe and wire harness binding, etc.

2. The application characteristics of glass cloth tape

Glass cloth tape products have different characteristics and different fields of use, especially industrial products. Fiberglass tapes can also be divided into many types, each with its own characteristics, some heat insulation, some heat preservation, and some insulation, which determines that they play different roles in different fields.

First of all, glass fiber thermal insulation tape is a kind of glass cloth tape, which has good heat insulation, heat preservation and corrosion resistance. It is made of glass fiber roving or bulky glass fiber yarn, which is suitable for winding high-temperature pipe fittings, such as heating wires and cables.

Silicone rubber glass fiber protective insulation tape, which is a thick glass cloth tape made of silicone rubber coated on the glass fiber blank tape, which can be used to wrap heating elements such as cables to provide heat insulation and heat preservation.

Fiberglass anti-radiation thermal insulation tape, this kind of glass cloth tape is made through a special process, and it is generally thicker. In addition to the above two types of performance, it also has insulation and anti-corrosion effects.

Silicone rubber self-adhesive tape. The double-sided tape made of this kind has good adhesiveness. It has the characteristics of self-adhesive, self-solidification, and can form a water-tight isolation layer in design, which can prevent oil and pollutants from penetrating into the inner braid.