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Double Sided Glass Cloth Tape

  • double sided glass cloth tape
  • double sided glass cloth tape
  • double sided glass cloth tape
  • double sided glass cloth tape

Double sided glass cloth tape is made of high-quality, high-density alkali-free glass cloth, coated with imported silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides, and processed at high temperature. Double sided glass cloth tape has the characteristics of good temperature resistance (-50℃~260℃), strong adhesive force, toughness and tear resistance, etc., used in H-class heat-resistant insulation banding, various high-temperature sandblast protection and lithium manganese battery insulation wrapping. 

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Double Sided Glass Cloth Tape-TDS


Glass cloth







Thickness (mm)


Adhesion (N/25mm)


TensileStrength (N/25mm)


Elongation (%)


Temperature Resistance (℃)


Voltage resistance (KV)


Features Of Double Sided Glass Cloth Tape

  • Good stability, can work at 200℃ for a long time, and withstand high temperature of 260℃ in a short time;

  • Soft and tear-resistant, strong adhesion, not easy to deform, suitable for various profiles Surface sticking protection;

  • No residual glue is left when the tape is torn off after a long time high temperature curing;

  • High mechanical strength, suitable for tight and firm coil wrapping  

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