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The Performance and Scope of Application of Waterproof Aluminum Foil Tape

Ⅰ. Composition and performance of waterproof aluminum foil duct tape

Waterproof aluminum foil duct tape is composed of butyl rubber and polyisobutylene.

It has excellent mechanical properties: high bonding strength, high tensile strength, good elasticity and elongation, and strong adaptability to interface deformation and cracking.

Waterproof aluminum foil duct tape has excellent chemical properties: excellent chemical resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance. It has reliable and excellent performance: its adhesion, water resistance, sealing, low temperature resistance and good followability.

The product does not cure for life, can maintain permanent flexibility, can withstand a certain degree of displacement, excellent waterproof sealing and chemical resistance, strong anti-ultraviolet (sunshine) ability, a service life of more than 20 years, and easy to use.

Ⅱ. The scope of application of waterproof aluminum foil duct tape

1. Roof waterproofing, underground waterproofing, waterproofing treatment of structural construction joints and lap sealing of polymer waterproofing membranes in new construction.

2. The sealing and waterproof treatment of the construction joints of the subway tunnel structure in the project.

3. Airtightness, waterproofness and shock absorption at the joints of the color profiled panels, and airtightness, waterproofness and shock absorption at the seams in the solar panel project.

4. It is used for bonding of cement, wood, and other materials.

5. It is used for the waterproof and airtight treatment of the overlapping of the special-shaped materials at the interface, the end part and the special-shaped part of the waterproof project.

6. The door waterproof membrane, the shock absorption bonding and sealing between the body and the frame, and the floor of the compartment.

7. It can be used for airtight and waterproof treatment of doors and windows of civil houses, airtight and waterproof treatment of ventilation ducts, and architectural decoration.

8. Metal plate roof, treatment of water leakage from cement roof, overlap between color steel plates and lighting panels on steel roof, and sealing of water gutter connections.

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