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What Are the Environmental Factors of High Temperature Adhesive Tape Residue?

1. The internal influence of high temperature tape residual glue and weather temperature factors

As the weather temperature is relatively low, the adhesive strength of the high temperature adhesive tape decreases faster, so the solution is to increase the glue thickness of the high temperature tape.

2. The relationship between the residual glue of the high temperature tape and the temperature influence of the use environment

Generally speaking, if the temperature of the environment where the high temperature tape is used exceeds the temperature resistance range of the high temperature tape, it will remain glue of the high temperature tape. The solution is to check the temperature controller of the thermostat

3. The relationship between the high temperature adhesive tape residue and the use time factor

Generally speaking, if the user uses high temperature tapes for a time that exceeds the temperature-resistance time range of the high temperature tape, it may cause the occurrence of the high-temperature tape residue phenomenon. So you have to pay attention to this part.

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