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Features and Functions of Glass Cloth Tapes

Ⅰ. The characteristics of glass cloth tape

1. Glass cloth tape has good temperature resistance (-50 ℃ ~ 200 ℃), strong adhesion, toughness, tear resistance, solvent resistance and other characteristics. Ceramic components fixed and other high-strength insulation protection.

2. It has the highest heat resistance and toughness among textile products. Glass cloth high temperature resistant tape can effectively absorb electrical insulating paint and resin. Glass cloth tape has extremely high binding ability.

3. Glass cloth tape has good high temperature tolerance and can withstand high temperature of 200 ° C. The tape has good tear resistance, good deformation, and high temperature flame retardant adhesive.

4. Glass cloth tape high temperature resistant tape is used for coil encapsulation and fixation, and is used for wire core, outer layer and wire insulation.

5. The performance of the tape can basically replace imported glass cloth tapes such as 3M-69, P212, TESA4618.

Ⅱ. The role of glass cloth tape

1. High temperature fireproof glass cloth electrical tape induction circuit power supply, electrical insulation of lead wires;

2. In the application of high temperature glass cloth tape, high temperature heat resistant tape is used to fix non-stick high temperature insulator;

3. There is also flame retardant aluminum foil tape used as a fixed fire-resistant tape;

4. Replace the tape that requires high temperature;

5. Repair and reinforced insulation of mine equipment;

6. It is used for reinforced insulation under heavy load and high temperature environment application;

7. The outside of the silicone rubber belt is used for mechanical protection such as anti-friction and wear;

8. H-class dry-type transformer lead wire;

9. Various high-temperature sandblasting protection with glass cloth tape, high-strength insulation such as lithium-manganese battery insulation wrapping, flexible circuit board and ceramic component fixing.

Ⅲ. Storage temperature and duration of glass cloth tape

High temperature glass cloth tape products have the characteristics of good temperature resistance (-40 ℃ ~ 260 ℃), strong adhesion, toughness and tear resistance, etc. High-strength insulation protection such as wrapping. The adhesive tape is particularly cost-effective, and the adhesive tape has good performance. Glass cloth tape has now been widely used in air-conditioning electrical appliances, automotive electronics, digital electronics and other high-temperature insulation protection occasions. 5-30°C Avoid placing in direct sunlight, low temperature (below 0°C), high temperature (above 40°C), and high humidity (above 70%RH). 6 months from the date of receipt by the customer.

The above is the whole introduction of HOPELIGHT about the characteristics and functions of glass cloth tape products, I hope to provide you with help. If you want to know more relevant product knowledge, pay attention to this site, we will update it regularly. If necessary, welcome to consult.