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Production and Function Analysis of Teflon Sticky Tape

Ⅰ. What is Teflon sticky tape made of?

Both sides are coated with PTFE emulsion, and the high temperature PTFE tape is mainly made of glass fiber. During the production process, Teflon sticky tape is coated and dried many times. Heat-resistant Teflon sticky tape has high requirements for the selection of glass fibers.

Since different manufacturers will provide different specifications of electronic fabrics, due to the diversification of raw material selection, the final strength of Teflon sticky tape is prone to differences. In order to solve this problem, HOPELIGHT, as one of the professional Teflon sticky tape suppliers in China, will carefully select the glass fiber cloth to ensure the final high-quality high-temperature-resistant Teflon sticky tape.

Ⅱ. How to make Teflon sticky tape?

Producing a good roll of high temperature resistant PTFE tape requires the precise coordination of the following three processes: coating, drying, rewinding and cutting.

1. Coating: After the R&D personnel select the chemical composition according to the required performance of the heat-resistant Teflon sticky tape, Hope Light will use the coating mold to apply the Teflon coating solution thinly and evenly on the glass cloth substrate. This Teflon coating will be very uniform and free from other defects.

2. Drying: After the coating process, the substrate coated with the adhesive needs to enter an oven for drying. It should be noted that some paints must be cooled and fixed before drying, and some can be directly heated and dried.

3. Winding and cutting: Generally, Teflon sticky tape with good heat resistance on the market has a width of about a few centimeters. Regarding the length, about 5-50 meters long rolled together. From the perspective of practicality and convenient production, high-temperature-resistant Teflon sticky tape must first be made into a large volume, and then packaged into the form actually required by customers through the rewinding and cutting process.

Ⅲ. What is the use of Teflon sticky tape?

1. Anti-adhesive lining, gasket, cloth, conveyor belt; according to the thickness, it is used for conveyor belts, adhesive tapes, sealing belts, etc. of various dryers.

2. Welding cloth for welding and sealing plastic products; lining tape for plastic sheets, films, and heat-sealing sheets.

3. High electrical insulation: electrical insulation tape base, gasket, spacer, lining ring. High frequency copper clad laminate.

4. Heat-resistant cladding; laminated base material, wrapped with insulator.

5. Microwave gaskets, oven slices, food drying;

6. Self-adhesive tape, transfer printing ironing tablecloth, carpet glue curing conveyor belt, rubber vulcanizing conveyor belt, sandpaper curing release cloth, etc.

7. Base cloth for pressure sensitive tape.

8. Architectural membrane materials: ceilings of various sports venues, station pavilions, parasols, landscape tents, etc.

9. Heat-resistant Teflon sticky tape is also widely used in anti-corrosion coating of various petrochemical pipelines, environmental protection desulfurization of power plant exhaust gas, etc.

10. Flexible compensator, friction material, grinding wheel.

11. After special processing, it can be made into "anti-static cloth".