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Transformer Tape

The transformer tape can be customized according to the designer's needs, mainly using insulating tape, mylar tape, and copper foil tape.

1. Transformer Tape: Insulating tape

Mainly used in transformer winding rooms and core outsourcing.

2. Transformer Tape: Mara tape

It is also called Mylar tape, AC adapter tape, and silicone Mara tape. It is a single-sided tape. It is widely used in insulation wrapping of various motors and electronic components such as transformers, motors, capacitors, and high-voltage isolation between the main board circuits and shells of switching power supplies. Mara tape is also used for the wrapping of soft-packed lithium batteries. For example, wrapping between the protective plate and the battery cell will play a role in fixing, insulating and preventing fire.

3. Transformer Tape: Copper foil tape

The purity is higher than 99.95%, and its function is mainly to eliminate electromagnetic (EMI) interference, isolate electromagnetic waves from harm to the human body, and avoid unnecessary voltage and current from affecting functions.

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