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Is There a Difference Between Different Colors of High Temperature Tapes?

Nowadays, high-temperature tapes are used in a wide range of industries, and high-temperature tapes of different colors are emerging in an endless stream, which is dazzling. There are many colors of high-temperature tapes today: red, white, brown, green, and black. With so many colors, it is easy for everyone to doubt whether there is any difference between these high-temperature tapes of different colors.

1. The difference between different types of high temperature tapes

In fact, there are currently two major types of high-temperature adhesive tapes, namely Mara tape and PET high-temperature tape, each of which has a different color. Mara tape also comes in many colors, as does PET high temperature tape. Divided into many colors.

Now we can reply to you responsibly: There is no difference in the temperature resistance of these high-temperature tapes of different colors, but the colors are different.

2. How are the different colors of these high-temperature tapes produced?

Is the base material itself different colors? Is the glue different? In fact, the correct answer is that after the high-temperature tape is adjusted to different colors with different color pastes, the entire high-temperature tape can show different colors. The substrate is unchanged. The reason we say this is because the substrate itself is white when the high temperature tape is applied.

So, many Mara tapes, PET high temperature tapes, etc. use different color pastes. Because of the use of different color pastes, does it affect the viscosity of the high temperature tape?

In fact, the effect is not great. The glue thickness of the high-temperature tape is the decisive factor that really affects the viscosity of the high-temperature tape.