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The Application of Black PET Film on Light Shielding Tape

Black PET film is more and more widely used in today's microelectronic film, optical film, anti-oxidation film, giant magnetoresistance film, high temperature superconducting film and other fields. Black PET film has the following characteristics:

(1) The surface of the black PET film substrate can be matte treated.

(2) The 180° peel test was performed on 25 μm PET polyester film and a tensile speed of 300 mm/min.

(3) Processed under Class 1000 cleaning environment, with excellent cleanliness.

(4) Black paint is used for printing, which has excellent shielding performance. Black coating provides excellent insulation.

(5) Storage temperature: 5~30°C Avoid direct sunlight, low temperature (below 0°C), high temperature (above 40°C) and high humidity (above 70% RH).

Application of blackout tape:

1. Light shielding tape can be used to fix LCD and backlight modules of electronic equipment.

For electronic equipment, the fixing of LCD panels and backlight modules is very important. Only by properly fixing the LCD panel and the backlight module can the safety and normal use of electronic equipment be guaranteed.

2. Light shielding tape can be used for shading.

In the process of using electronic equipment, it is necessary to use a light-shielding tape so that the electronic equipment can be shielded from light.

Generally speaking, the blackout tape has a matte black surface, matte black can have a certain scratch resistance, good scratch resistance, not only can make the surface of the blackout tape beautiful, but also does not affect the experience of using electronic equipment. It can also play a role in protecting electronic equipment. The matte black surface tape can also have a certain anti-fingerprint performance, that is, no fingerprints will be left on the electronic device during the use of the electronic device.

3. The shading tape is suitable for mobile phone screens and LCD screens.

It has the function of black surface shading and reflection. Light shielding tape is mainly used for shading and reflection of notebook computers, mobile phones, PDA, LED, LCD and other products. It can also be used for light-emitting keyboards and ultra-thin advertising light boxes, backlight panels (films) and other products for shading.

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