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Expiration Performance of High Temperature Resistant Tape and Reasons Why It Cannot Be Used Normally

Ⅰ. What is the performance of the high temperature resistant tape when it expires?

In fact, it is relatively easy to distinguish the expired and aged high temperature resistant tape. The most common way is to use it for sticking, but it is found that its actual effect cannot meet the standards we stipulated, that is because of it. Deterioration is likely due to the impact of the environment during storage.

When purchasing, we can judge whether the high temperature resistant tape is aging by observing. If the high temperature resistant tape has deteriorated seriously, it can be seen from its appearance, such as turbid color with impurities, or a smell, high temperature resistant Tape warping, etc. are unusable.

Of course, if we can store the high-temperature-resistant tape correctly, its shelf life is still very long, that is, when storing it, it should be placed in a dry room to avoid exposure to sunlight and the influence of moisture.

Ⅱ. What are the reasons why the high temperature resistant tape cannot be used normally?

High temperature resistant tape is an adhesive tape used in a high temperature working environment. Let me share with you why the high temperature resistant tape cannot be used normally?

1. Types of adherends

Adhesives of different materials have different internal substructures and different levels of roughness on the surface, which will affect the bonding effect of the product. The PET high-temperature adhesive tape with suitable adhesion should be selected according to the roughness of the surface of the adherend. Foreign matter on the surface, dust, oil stains, water stains and other foreign matter on the surface of the adherend will make the PET high-temperature tape unable to work normally, so it is necessary to clean the surface of the adherend before use.

2. Adhesive pressure

When pasting PET high-temperature tape, the pressure exerted directly affects the tightness of bonding between the high-temperature-resistant tape and the adherend, and the use environment. As we all know, PET high-temperature tape is suitable for use in high-temperature environments. If the temperature is too low, PET high-temperature tape will not be used normally.

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