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Application and Advantages of Brown High Temperature Tapes

1. The application of brown high temperature tapes

Brown high temperature tapes generally used for insulation wrapping of H-class motor and transformer coils in the electrical industry, wrapping and fixing the ends of high temperature resistant coils, temperature measurement and thermal resistance protection, capacitor and wire tangles and other bonding insulation under high temperature working conditions.

In the circuit board manufacturing industry, the brown high temperature tapes can be used for electronic protection and paste, especially for SMT temperature protection, electronic switches, PCB board gold finger protection, electronic transformers, relays and other electronic components that require high temperature and moisture protection. According to the needs of special manufacturing process, they provide high-temperature surface reinforcement protection, and high temperature spray paint and sandblasting surface protection of metal materials.

2. The flame retardant grade of the brown high temperature tapes

In the production process, the ambient temperature is high, so the brown high temperature tapes are required to have good flame retardant properties, which can ensure the normal use of the brown high temperature tapes, and there is no residual glue on the gold finger surface after the high temperature tapes are peeled off.

The brown high temperature tapes have an industrial-grade surface treatment flame retardant grade, long-term temperature resistance: 260 ℃, high temperature solvent resistance, good adhesion, strong retention, and no glue residue.

3. The specifications of the brown high temperature tapes

Length: 33m (length can be customized);

Thickness: 0.05mm/0.06mm/0.08mm/0.11mm/0.15mm;

Width: 500mm (can be slit).

4. The advantages of brown high temperature tapes

The products have excellent electrical properties, high insulation, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, low electrolysis, good mechanical properties, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, special adhesive treatment, strong adhesion, and the surface is not covered with residual glue after tearing.