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How Much Do You Know about Conductive Tape?

Conductive tape is a tape-shaped product made of conductive media. It has the characteristics of good flexibility, strong adhesion, and good electrical conductivity. It is widely used in anti-shielding applications. It has better electrical conductivity than metal and is easy to process.

Duct tape conductive is a kind of metal foil or conductive cloth with highly conductive adhesive. Its conductive adhesive and conductive substrate form a complete conductor, which can be bonded to any metal surface to complete electrical lap and electrical sealing of gaps. Conductive tape is an economical and convenient shielding material, which is used to seal the joints between EMI shielding rooms, shells and electronic equipment, wind cables for shielding, providing a reliable grounding surface, and electrical contact to surfaces that cannot be welded. The conductive cloth tape combines the conductive shielding performance of the conductive cloth and the soft tape. It has the characteristics of lightness and durability. It still has a good shielding effect under dynamic friction and corrosive environments. It is a good shielding material with a wide range of applications.

Conductive tape usually uses matrix resin and conductive filler, conductive particles as the main components. The conductive particles are bonded together by the bonding effect of the matrix resin to form a conductive path to realize the conductive connection of the adhered material. Since the base resin of the conductive adhesive is an adhesive, you can choose a suitable curing temperature for bonding. At the same time, due to the rapid development of the miniaturization of electronic components and the high density and high integration of printed circuit boards, the conductive adhesive can be made into a slurry to achieve high line resolution. Moreover, the conductive adhesive has simple process, easy operation, and can improve production efficiency. Therefore, the conductive adhesive is an ideal choice for replacing lead-tin soldering and realizing conductive connection.

Conductive tape combines the flexibility of cloth and the high conductivity of conductive media, making it widely used in many consumer electronic products such as plasma TVs, liquid crystal displays, mobile phones, laptop computers, desktop computers, and so on.