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Why Is the High Temperature Resistance of High Temperature Tape So Good?

Each electronic industry tape has its own special properties. High-temperature tapes can withstand high temperatures, insulating tapes can insulate, and conductive tapes can conduct electricity. They can have these properties mainly depending on the different substrates and glues used. In the following, we mainly talk about why the high-temperature tape has such good high-temperature resistance? It should be known that the high-temperature tape has good thermal stability and can work at 200℃ for a long time. In addition, it can withstand high temperature of 260℃ for a short time.

The high-temperature resistance of the high-temperature tape plays a decisive role in the substrate and glue used in the process of making the high-temperature tape. Its base material generally includes pet, polyimide film, glass cloth, Teflon fiber, etc. The glue generally uses acrylic, silica gel, silicon rubber, etc., and additives added in the production process. When exposed to high temperature, the material molecules of the high-temperature tape are relatively stable when heated, and there is no change. These are the factors that determine the high-temperature resistance of the high-temperature tape.

There are not many high-temperature tapes in daily life, but it plays a very important role in the industry and has a very high value. The high-temperature tapes like Teflon sticky tape are often used in painting, baking varnish leather processing, coating and masking, and fixing and printing in the manufacturing process of electronic parts, and shield in circuit board and high-temperature treatment.

The high-temperature tape also has strong adhesion, softness, tear resistance, and is not easy to deform. When the tape is torn off after a long period of high-temperature curing, it does not leave any residual adhesive. It is suitable for sticking and protecting the surface of various profiles. For example electroplating high-temperature tape, which means that the part that will be attached to the tape plays a protective role during the production process because electroplating will use a chemical solution to decompose the product in the designated part of the product. The purpose is to protect the product or electroplating. There will be excessive electrolysis in the medium, so high-temperature tape is needed at this time.