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The Characteristics and Application Range of Teflon Adhesive Tape

Teflon adhesive tape generally rolls 1 meter wide, 50 meters long per roll, and the maximum width can be 1250MM. The colors are brown, black and white, and it can be cut into various widths, and adhesive tapes of various thicknesses can be produced according to customer requirements. Teflon high temperature tape is made of various base fabrics woven with imported glass fiber, and then coated with imported polytetrafluoroethylene. After a special process, high temperature resistant silica gel is added to produce Teflon adhesive tape.


1. Main features of Teflon tape


1) Good heat resistance (continuous use temperature above 260℃), and it can be used safely even on overheated heaters.


2) Good anti-sticking property, and the "dregs" of the melted packaging film will not stick to the heater.


3) Excellent electrical insulation.


4) Good running stability, good durability and easy maintenance.


2. The performance characteristics of Teflon tape


1) The application of heat resistant teflon tape can eliminate the complicated process of spraying PTFE anti-sticking coating on the surface of the drying cylinder, and it also plays a role of anti-sticking.


2) This product is resistant to high temperature of 260℃, and the surface of the tape is made of Teflon (ie PTFE) with good anti-sticking properties, smooth and wear-resistant. The silica gel on the back is resistant to high temperature and sticks firmly without peeling off. It has a long service life.


3) Convenient to use, no need to disassemble and transport the drying cylinder, paste the anti-sticking tape on the surface of the drying cylinder on site to start the operation normally.


4) It greatly reduces labor intensity and is also conducive to equipment protection. The downtime is short, the overall cost is low, and the economic benefit is high.


3. Application range of Teflon tape


1) It is used for heat-sealing and pressure-bonding parts of food, dairy products and medicines.


2) Heat sealing use of plastic film.


3) It is used for the surface of precision pressing roller for packaging dyeing and resin processing.


4) Used for packaging adhesives and the roller surface of a laminating coating machine.


5) Used to encapsulate the friction surface of the feeding hopper and the guide rail.


6) Used to encapsulate non-sticky and smooth parts.


7) As an insulating liner, insulating encapsulation of insulating parts and others.