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Self Adhesive Copper Sheet

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  • self adhesive copper sheet
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Self-adhesive copper sheet backing is copper foil, coated with acrylic adhesive. Self-adhesive copper sheet is divided into single-sided coating and double-sided coating. Single-sided self adhesive copper foil sheets is divided into single-conductor copper foil tape and double-conductor copper foil tape. Single-conductor copper foil tape means that the coated surface is not conductive, and only the other side is copper, so it is called single-conductor means single-sided conductive ; Double-conducting copper foil tape means that the acrylic-coated surface is conductive, and the copper on the other side is also conductive, so it is called double-conducting that is double-sided. 

There are also double-sided adhesive-coated copper foil tapes that can be processed with other materials into more expensive composite materials. The double-sided adhesive-coated copper foil also has two types of adhesive surfaces: conductive and non-conductive. Customers can according to their own needs for conductivity to choose.

Self Adhesive Copper Foil Sheets-TDS

Material: CU 99.98%
Carrier thickness: 0.018mm-0.3mm
Adhesive thickness: 0.015mm-0.04mm
Adhesive: conductive acrylic
retention force: 1.5~1.3kg/25mm
Heat Resistance:-10℃---120℃
Breaking strength: 4.5~4.8kg/mm
Elongation: 7%

Features Of Self Adhesive Copper Foil Sheets

  • High temperature resistance

    Self adhesive copper sheet can withstand a high temperature of 120°

  • Anti-interference, shielding

    Widely used in digital equipment, electrical equipment has a good anti-interference and shielding effect

  • High viscosity without leaving marks and easy to peel off

    High viscosity stability, lasting and stable tearing off without leaving traces

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