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Which Industries Are Green High Temperature Tapes Mainly Used for?

What industries are green high temperature tapes mainly used in? Let's take a look together.

1. The green high temperature adhesive tape can be used as the insulation coating of the wire and cable industry.

2. High temperature adhesive tape is also used in the insulation lining of the electro-oxygen industry.

3. The high temperature tape is used for the surface cladding of the storage tank roller and the friction surface lining of the guide rail. It can be directly attached to various large flat surfaces and regular curved surfaces (such as rollers). The operation is simple, and it eliminates restrictions on spraying PTFE materials that require professional equipment and special processes. It also doesn't need to be transported to a professional spraying factory for processing.

4. Green high temperature adhesive tape is used as insulating high temperature material in textile, food, medicine, wood processing and other sectors.

5. High temperature adhesive tape is used for color printing packaging machines, plastic weaving drawing machines, microwave drying, various conveyor belts and clothing hot sticking, sealing and pressing packaging industries, various bag making machines, heat sealing end faces of sealing machines, etc.

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