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Glass Cloth Tape

Glass cloth high temperature resistant tape is a kind of heat resistant fabric tape, whcih is made of high-quality high-density alkali-free glass cloth, coated with imported silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side or both sides. The thickness of the single-sided glass cloth adhesive tape is 0.18 mm, and the thickness of the double-sided glass cloth adhesive tape is 0.2 mm. It is made with high-temperature treatment. 

The glass cloth adhesive tape has the characteristics of good temperature resistance (-50 °C ~ 285 °C), strong adhesion, strong tear resistance, etc. It is applied to H-grade heat-resistant insulation banding, various high-temperature sandblasting protection, and lithium manganese battery insulation bandage, etc. The glass cloth electrical tape is equipped with high strength insulation protection.

Features of Glass Cloth Tape

  • 01

    Good stability can work at 200℃ for a long time, and can withstand 285℃ high temperature in a short time.

  • 02

    Soft and tear-resistant, strong adhesive force, not easy to deform, suitable for pasting and protecting the surface of various profiles.

  • 03

    There is no glue residue, no residue glue is left when tearing the tape after high temperature curing for a long time.

  • 04

    High mechanical strength, suitable for tight and tight coil wrapping; Product application: Insulation and strapping of transformers (especially high-frequency transformers, microwave oven transformers), fixation of local components in ovens, winding of ceramic heaters and quartz tubes Fixed.etc.

Packing Information Of Glass Cloth Electrical Tape

Die Cutting tape: first PE bag then Bubble film to protect

Jumbo roll: plastic film + air bubble film + Corrugated cardboard

Cutting roll: each roll has liner to isolate then PE bag

Outer packing:

Cut roll: hard carton

Jumbo roll: Wooden box

FAQs Of Glass Cloth Tape

  • What is the shelf life of the glass cloth tape in your company?

    Shelf life: 12 months from the date of purchase, the tape is stored at a constant temperature of 27°C-35°C and a humidity of 60% In the room, avoid direct sunlight.

  • What's the color (width, etc.) of the glass cloth tape do you have?

    Glass cloth tape color is white,log width is 500mm,3-500mm can be cut.

  • Can we customize the glass cloth tape?

    Yes,we can customized glass cloth tape for customer,width,length,thickness and etc.

  • How will you ship glass cloth tape order?

    We ship By sea, by Air and Express based on the glass cloth tape order quantity.

  • What's your company service?

    “Quality, Quick delivery and Service" is our mission.

    1, experienced professional sales team give you a quick reply.

    2, Skillful workers produce the best quality glass cloth tape for the customer;

    3, We produce and test glass cloth tape as industry standard and ISO to ensure the quality.;

    4, Perfect after-sales service department gives you the best solution.

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