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Analysis of Temperature Resistance and Anti-sticking and Corrosion Resistance of High Temperature Tape

High temperature tape is the adhesive tape used in high temperature working environment. High temperature tapes include KAPTON high temperature tape, Teflon high temperature tape, high temperature masking tape, PET green high temperature tape, high temperature double-sided tape, etc.

1. The main use of high temperature tape in the electronics industry

High temperature tape is mainly used in the electronics industry. The temperature resistance is usually between 120 degrees and 260 degrees. It is often used for painting, baking, leather processing, coating masking and fixing, printed circuit boards and high-temperature processing shield in the production process of electronic parts.

The high temperature tape has good thermal stability, can work at 200℃ for a long time, and can withstand high temperature of 260℃ in a short time. It is soft and tear resistant, has advantages of strong adhesion, not easy to deform, suitable for pasting protection on the surface of various profiles. There is no glue residue left when the tape is torn off after a long time high temperature curing. With a high mechanical strength, it is suitable for tight and firm coil wrapping.

2. What does the high temperature resistance of high temperature tape depend on?

The high temperature resistance of high temperature tape depends on: in the process of making high temperature resistant tape, the decisive base material and the glue used are the key.

The base materials generally include PET, textured paper, polyimide film, glass cloth, Teflon fiber, Teflon film, etc.; the glue generally uses acrylic, silica gel, silicon rubber, etc. And the additives added in the production process are important. These are the factors that determine the high temperature resistance of the high temperature tape.

3. How about the anti-sticking and anti-corrosion aspects of high temperature tape?

The high temperature tape has a smooth surface, good adhesion resistance, chemical resistance and high temperature resistance, as well as excellent insulation properties, making the high temperature tape widely used in packaging, thermoplastics, laminating, sealing and heat sealing, electronic and electrical industries.

The fabric-reinforced high temperature tape has the characteristics of high strength and can be applied to the roller of the sizing machine, thermoplastic demoulding and other industries. It can be used repeatedly and is easy to replace.

In terms of anti-corrosion, high temperature tape with silicone rubber coated glass fiber cloth can be used as a pipeline, with internal and external anti-corrosion layers. It has excellent anti-corrosion performance and high strength. It is an ideal anti-corrosion material.

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