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Polyester Tape With Silicone Adhesive

Polyester tape with silicone adhesive is coated with a layer of special cross-linking primer on electrical grade low shrinkage polyester film substrate and then coated with specially formulated imported silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive, dried, and cut by special equipment production. It has good heat resistance and insulation performance. Produced by Hopelight, this polyester tape with silicone adhesive series is suitable for the winding and fixing of the coils and lead wires of F-class insulated appliances and transformers. In addition, this silicone polyester tape is also suitable for other occasions that require chemical resistance and temperature resistance. The silicone polyester tape is applicable to all kinds of difficult sticky materials.

Features Of Polyester Tape With Silicone Adhesive

  • high temperature resistant 230℃ 30mins. Voltage insulation without residue

  • good adhesion, good serviceability, high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, no tin penetration and no residual glue.

  • Strong stability

    Very firm, fixed product, not easy to fall.

  • Good ductility

    odorless, corrosion-resistant and tough.

  • Waterproof and moisture-proof

    The load-bearing wall is waterproof and moisture-proof, and is protected from moisture

Unlock excellence with Hopelight, your leading polyester insulation tape manufacturer. From cutting-edge technology to rigorous quality control, we ensure exceptional polyester tape with silicone adhesive. Get in touch to learn more!

Polyester Tape With Silicone Adhesive-Technical Datasheet



Coefficient of the tape




Thickness (mm)


Size tolerance


Tensile strength


Elongation %


Breakdown strength


Withstand VoltageKV


Adhesion (N/25mm )


Temperature Resistance ℃

220℃ 30mins

Length (m)


Core size(mm)


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