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How to Remove Sticky Foil Tape Marks?

How to remove the marks of tape paper? The following provides you with chemical methods and methods available in daily life.

Methods to remove sticky foil tape marks with daily necessities:

1. Use a semi-dry cloth to wipe off the remaining paper and other water-soluble substances. Next, use an eraser (preferably harder) to wipe vigorously. Although it takes a little effort, it can be wiped clean, which is suitable for rubber, plastic, paper and other surfaces.

2. Use nail polish remover. The usage is the same as alcohol acetone. The effect is also very good. Nail polish remover does not require quality, good or ordinary ones are fine, as long as they can remove all nail polish.

3. Use hand cream. First tear off the printed product on the surface of the sticky foil tape marks, and then squeeze some hand cream on it. Slowly rub it with your thumb. After rubbing it for a while, you can rub off the remaining glue. Just slow down. Hand cream is a kind of grease and its properties are incompatible with glues. This feature is used to remove glue.

4. Use banana oil. It is an industrial agent used to remove paint, and the method is the same as alcohol acetone.

Chemical methods to remove sticky foil tape marks:

1. Use the knowledge of organic chemistry to blend the same characters. Those sticky things are organic materials and can be easily wiped off with a cotton cloth or cotton ball dipped in organic solvents such as gasoline or strong alcohol, which is suitable for glass and metal surfaces (you can use wallpaper blade to scrape obliquely depending on the situation).

2. Dip a paper towel with some alcohol (industrial alcohol is best, or you don't need medical ones) to wipe it, and rub it a few times to clean it.

3. Use acetone. The method is the same as above. The dosage is small and thorough. The best thing is that it can remove these residual gums very quickly and easily, which is better than alcohol.