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Classification of High Temperature Tapes for 200℃ High Temperature

1. Introduction of coating materials of high temperature tape

(1) Release coating:

Surface-active substances are generally phosphates and their derivatives, amines or organosilicon compounds.

(2) Subsequent coating:

The commonly used high temperature tape coating is polyimide film.

(3) For non-polar base materials such as PE and PP, chemical treatment, corona treatment, ozone exposure, UV irradiation, flame treatment, plasma treatment can be used to polarize the surface to increase adhesion.

(4) The silicone type protective film generally adopts a subsequent coating to increase the base adhesion without a release coating. The acrylic type protective film base material uses corona treatment, and the release coating is generally silicone oil.

2. What are the high temperature tapes for 200℃ high temperature?

All conventional high temperature resistant tape products can meet this requirement. In order to let you know in detail what are the high temperature tapes for 200℃ high temperature, we will introduce you in detail below:

(1) The PET high temperature tape

Including porcelain high temperature tape, electroplating high temperature tape, PET high temperature tape, spray high temperature tape, etc. This type of tape is made of soft PET polyester film as the base material and coated with high performance silicone pressure sensitive adhesive on one side. Its color is mainly green, blue, red and transparent color.

(2) Polyimide high temperature tape

The main products are spray high temperature tape, porcelain high temperature tape, polyimide tape, high temperature soldering tape, brown high temperature tape, PI high temperature tape, Kapton high temperature tape, etc. The material is polyimide film, and the adhesive is silicone.

(3) Composite red masking tape

The main products include PET composite red masking tape and PCB white masking tape.

(4) High temperature resistant masking tape

The main products include high temperature masking tape and 3m244 masking tape.

(5) PVC high temperature tape

Mainly include electroplating high temperature tape.

3. What are the colors of PET high temperature resistant tape?

PET high temperature tape is the most active member in the high temperature resistant tape family, and it has many roles. The color of PET high temperature tape can meet the requirements of many users.

Although the color has no effect on the characteristics of high temperature tape, in electronics, automotive and other industries, customers will choose the same or similar color as the masked object in consideration of the beauty of the masked object. The color of conventional PET high temperature resistant tape is green, blue, red and transparent color. Of course, it can also be customized according to the specific color needs of users.

No matter what kind of color PET high temperature resistant tape, it has excellent high temperature resistance, high adhesion, and solvent resistance without residual glue at 200 ℃ high temperature.