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How to Judge and Select High-quality High Temperature Resistant Tape?

High temperature resistant tape, as the name implies, is an adhesive tape that can be used in high temperature working environments. The temperature resistance of high temperature tape is usually between 120 degrees and 260 degrees. It is often used for painting, baking, leather processing, coating and shielding and fixing, printing circuit boards and high temperature processing and shielding in the production process of electronic parts. So how to choose high-quality high temperature resistant tape?

1. The method of choosing high temperature resistant tape

(1) Smell the smell of high temperature resistant tape

The qualified tape produced by regular high temperature tape manufacturers has no peculiar smell. If you find a sour smell when buying high temperature tape, you must not buy it. Because this kind of high temperature resistant tape has very poor adherence. Especially in low temperature environments, the high temperature resistant tape is very easy to crack and will soon lose its adhesiveness. This kind of high temperature resistant tape must be a poor quality product.

(2) Look at the brightness of the high temperature resistant tape film

Touch the thickness of the high temperature resistant tape. Generally speaking, the color of inferior high temperature tape products will be much darker than that of qualified tape. If you touch it by hand, generally inferior tape will be harder, and because the film is thicker, the actual number of meters of it will definitely decrease. The films of good high temperature resistant tapes are relatively soft and have good tensile properties. Therefore, the brightness and thickness of the high temperature resistant tape film are two very important indicators, which must be observed carefully.

2. The insulation voltage resistance level of the high temperature resistant tape

In addition to the main performance of high temperature resistant tape, the voltage resistance is an extremely important performance for the electronics industry. Generally, the voltage resistance is above 3KV; according to the thickness of the high temperature resistant tape and the high temperature resistant double-sided tape and the choice of glue, the voltage resistance range can be between 3kv and 25KV, and even higher.

High temperature resistant tape with voltage resistance around 3kv: thickness is 0.18mm to 0.2mm; temperature resistance range is around 220℃. In addition, the thickness of PET tape is between 0.05mm and 0.12mm; the temperature resistance range is between 120°C and 200°C.

The thickness of polyimide high temperature resistant tape is 0.03mm to 0.18mm; the temperature resistance is between 180℃ and 300℃; the withstand voltage can be about 15kv. Polyimide tape also has the category of high temperature resistant double-sided tape. The voltage resistance of this category is higher, which can be around 20kv.

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