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A Brief Introduction of Some Kinds of Common Tape

In the packaging and electronic and electrical product processing industries, there are a variety of tapes used in different industries and have their own characteristics and functions.

1. Masking tape

Masking paper adhesive tape is a high-quality masking adhesive tape. It uses crepe paper as the base material and is coated with rubber adhesive or hot solvent on one side. It has the characteristics of tight adhesion, easy removal, solvent resistance, and water resistance, so it is widely used in surface coating for masking.

Features: natural color, excellent consistency, strong adhesion, no residual glue when removed, recyclable, smooth cutting edge of the tape. The tape is lint-free and does not break when unrolling.

Application: Used for bonding, sealing, and color separation and marking spraying, and used for drying operation of spraying.

2. PVC protective film adhesive tape

PVC protective film is made of PVC film substrate with one-sided glue, acrylic glue or acrylic glue has excellent adhesion performance, strong tension resistance, good cold resistance, strong anti-aging performance, single-sided sticking, no residual glue, good shielding performance, and wear-resistant and solvent-resistant.

Application: Suitable for surface protection of various metals, such as "aluminum alloy, stainless steel, glass sandblasting process".

3. Electrical tape

Electrical adhesive tape is made of soft PVC film coated on one side with rubber pressure sensitive adhesive. It has good insulation properties, high voltage resistance, high temperature resistance, and high flame retardancy. It is commonly used for electrical components and wires. The insulation protection is widely used in the electronics and electrical industries.

Features: strong contraction elasticity, easy to tear, easy to roll, high voltage resistance, high flame retardancy, good weather resistance.

Uses: It can be used to wrap wires and air-conditioning pipes, and is widely used for insulation protection in the electrical and electronic industries.

4. Heat resistant foil tape

Heat resistant foil tape is coated with acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on the surface of aluminum foil, single-sided adhesive, and made of silicone-treated release paper. It has good anti-ultraviolet, anti-partial chemicals, moisture-proof and fire-proof properties. It is mainly used in refrigeration and electronics related industries.

Features: heat resistant foil tape is shiny silver, UV resistant, fireproof, and can prevent more chemicals from corrosion, be used in outdoor application, with good weather resistance.

Uses: Heat resistant foil tape can be used for heat and cold reflective insulation and insulation wrap. It can be used in pipes, engine supports, and can be used to wrap wires to prevent heat, water and dust, etc. It can also be used for outdoor operations.

5. PET double-sided tape

The PET double-sided tape is made of PET double-sided coated acrylic adhesive. The color of the tape is generally transparent and black. The common thickness specifications are: 0.03-0.25MM. It has good dimensional stability, thermal stability, and chemical stability, good initial adhesion and long-term adhesion, easy die-cut processing, and good adhesion to plastics, rubber, nameplates; it can be applied to a wider temperature range and harsh environments; it has long-term temperature resistance of 100-120 ℃.

Features: Good adhesion to the substrate; high bonding strength to high surface energy plastics and metal flakes; excellent temperature resistance, water resistance, and chemical resistance.

Uses: Suitable for isolation and bonding of the upper and lower circuits of membrane switches; high-performance adhesives have extremely high stability and are suitable for long-term use of keys.