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Red Polyester Tape

  • red polyester tape
  • red polyester tape
  • red polyester tape
  • red polyester tape

Red polyester tape means that the base material is PET polyester film. Strong viscosity, usually coated with solvent-based silicone or acrylic glue, Red polyester tape has excellent electrical insulation, excellent adhesion; high pressure resistance, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, Solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance, low friction, abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, non-residual glue and other characteristics, long-term use temperature resistance up to 230 ℃; no glue residue, no war page, no shedding after baking; soft and durable Tear off without residual glue and other characteristics. Trustworthy solutions from Hopelight, a reliable polyester tape supplier. Our commitment to excellence shines through in red polyester tape. Contact us to explore your options.

Red Polyester Tape

Red Polyester Tape-TDS

Color: Red

Backing: PET

Adhesive: Silicone

Thickness: 0.05 0.06 0.08 (mm)

Elongation: 70%

Adhesion: 6N/25mm

Temperature: 230℃ 30mins

Withstand Voltage: 4,000 (Volts)

Core size: 25.4mm/38mm/76mm

Length: 3-500m(customized)

Width: 3-500mm (customized)

Application Of Red Polyester Tape

  • Circuit board

    Prevent current generated by friction and heating between small parts on the circuit board

  • Bake paint

    Paste surface cracks or other affected parts and a good fixed position

  • Welding

    Prevent electroplating solution from penetrating into electronic parts, prevent electroplating solution flying and steam from polluting passive components, and shield terminal parts when the circuit surface is soldered

  • Die cutting

    In large-scale factory workshops, employees usually make high-temperature-resistant insulating gaskets and use gold finger tape to make slices and apply them in production. This greatly improves production efficiency and reduces production costs, which is economical

Features Of Red Polyester Tape

  • High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and solvent resistance

  • Acid and alkali resistance, friction and wear resistance

  • Strong viscosity without residual glue

  • Insulation resistant, wear resistant, tensile and easy to punch

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