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What Is the Difference Between High Temperature Tapes and the Ordinary Tapes?

There are 5 differences between high-temperature tapes and ordinary tapes:

1. The material difference between ordinary tapes and high-temperature tapes: The material of ordinary tapes is mainly OPP, BOPP, tissue paper, ordinary textured paper, etc., while the material of high-temperature tapes is generally made of polyester film (PET), polyimide (PI), micron paper/crepe paper+PET and other materials.

2. The temperature resistance of ordinary tapes and high-temperature tapes is different: ordinary tape is a kind of normal temperature item, and its temperature resistance time depends on the use environment. Generally, there will be residual after using and peeling off. But high temperature tapes have good temperature resistance and can be used between 120 degrees and 260 degrees, and its temperature resistance time ranges from 1 minute to 30 minutes.

3. The appearance of ordinary tapes and high temperature tapes is different: ordinary tapes generally refer to transparent sealing tapes, which are mainly based on transparent film and uniformly coated with butyl acrylate glue as the adhesive on the inside of the tape, while the appearance of the high-temperature tapes looks delicate, and there are many different colors.

4. The purpose of ordinary tapes and high-temperature tapes like the high heat Teflon tape and polyimide silicone tape, is different: ordinary tapes are mainly used for sealing and packaging. It is generally used for office, home, and box sealing, but it is restricted in some areas that many high-temperature tapes can be used. The high temperature tape is an adhesive tape used in high-temperature operating environments. The high temperature tape is mainly used for industrial purposes such as various painting, baking leather processing, coating shielding, and fixing, printing circuit boards and high temperature treatment covering in the process of electronic parts. For some special industries such as high temperature resistant working environment, some high temperature resistant adhesive tapes are needed.

5. The unit price of ordinary tapes and high temperature tapes is different: the price of ordinary tapes is much cheaper than that of high temperature tapes.