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Polyester Tape With Acrylic Adhesive

  • polyester tape with acrylic adhesive
  • polyester adhesive tape
  • tape polyester
  • Mylar tape

The polyester tape with acrylic adhesive is also called Mylar tape. It is a single-sided tape.

Mylar tape is a polyester film (PET Film) as a base material coated with acrylic polymer pressure-sensitive adhesive made of high temperature and high pressure flame retardant insulating adhesive tape. Polyester adhesive tape has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, good insulation performance and flame retardants. It is often used for insulation wrapping of various motors and electronic resistance parts such as transformers, motors, capacitors, etc.also known as polyester insulation tape. Hopelight is a professional polyester tape factory which produces high-quality Mylar tape. If you are interested in this product, please contact us!

Polyester Tape With Acrylic Adhesive-Technical Data

  • Color:light yellow,dark yellow,blue,red,green,black,white,clear,customized

  • Carrier:PET film

  • Adhesive:Acrylic

  • Thickness:0.055mm,0.08mm(customized)

  • Adhesion:700g-900g

  • Withstand Voltage:6000(Volts)

  • Temperature:100℃ 30mins

  • Core size:25.4mm/38mm/76mm

Application Of Polyester Tape With Acrylic Adhesive

  • Suitable for insulation and fixing of various motors and electronic components such as transformers, capacitors, relays, voltage regulators, motors, etc.

  • Motor stator coil cover, motor coil fixing, power transformer coil wrapping and outer insulation,

  • During the impregnation process of the circuit board, cover the gold finger parts to prevent the plating solution from immersing and contaminating, and protect the circuit board,

Main Features Of Polyester Tape With Acrylic Adhesive

  • Strong adhesion

  • Many specifications and many colors

  • Chemical resistant, moisture and flame retardant

  • Customized specifications are more practical

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