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What Role Can High-Temperature Tape Play in Electronic Industry?

1. Characteristics of High Temperature Tape

1. The initial adhesion and adhesion of high temperature tape are excellent;

2. High temperature tape does not leave residue, curl, or fall off after baking;

3. High temperature tape has solvent resistance;

4. High temperature tape has acid and alkali resistance;

5. High temperature tape comes in various colors, such as light green, grass green, dark green, and forest green, etc.

2. Application of High Temperature Adhesive Tape in the Electronic Industry

As the name suggests, high temperature tape is a type of adhesive tape used in high temperature working environments. High temperature tape is mainly used in the electronics industry, with a temperature resistance range usually between 120 degrees and 260 degrees. It is often used for high temperature shielding during processing, fixing of electronic components, insulation during PCB production, and protecting surfaces during painting, coating, leather processing, etc.

High temperature tape is mainly used for shielding and protection during painting and electroplating processes, with a temperature resistance of 200 degrees for 30 minutes, and actual resistance of 180 degrees. It is acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, high pressure resistant, and does not leave residue. Products are used for high temperature shielding and insulation during painting production, with no residue left behind once completed.

High temperature tape is widely used for anti-welding protection, high temperature insulation binding of transformer coils, insulation materials for capacitors, shielding protection during high temperature PCB gold finger spraying, and binding during mobile phone lithium battery production, etc.

High temperature tape has excellent comprehensive performance and occupies a unique position among commonly used electrical insulation films. It has excellent heat resistance and cold resistance, maintaining its working characteristics in the temperature range of -270℃ to +400℃. It also has excellent electrical insulation performance, radiation resistance, corrosion resistance, and self-lubrication performance. Therefore, based on its special properties, high temperature tape can also be applied in mechanical equipment operating under harsh conditions.

Not only can it be used in common machinery, but also in various types of high-demand motors, electrical appliances, and wires and cables, such as the nuclear industry, nuclear submarines, electric locomotives, petrochemicals, electronic chemicals, aircraft, etc.

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