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Application and Type of Aluminum Foil Tape

Application and types of aluminum foil tape

Ⅰ. The introduction of the aluminum foil tape:

Aluminum foil tape is made of high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, with good viscosity, strong adhesion, and anti-aging effects! Relying on advanced technology, its thermal insulation performance is greatly improved, and the specifications are (0.05mm-0.08mm) * various widths and lengths. Aluminum foil tape is used for all aluminum foil composite joints, sealing of insulation nail punctures and repair of damage. Aluminum foil tape is the main raw and auxiliary material for refrigerator and freezer manufacturers, and it is also a must-buy raw material for insulation material distribution departments. This product is widely used in refrigerators, air conditioners, automobiles, petrochemicals, bridges, hotels, electronics and other industries.

This tape can be used in places where electromagnetic shielding is required in various electronic products such as PDAs, PDPs, LCD monitors, notebook computers, and copiers. It is used to wrap the steam pipe to prevent the temperature from being lost to the outside. Aluminum foil tape can stick to buildings, bridges, and planes in the sky. Don't think that this is the cheap thing we usually stick to cardboard boxes.

Ⅱ. Types of aluminum foil tapes

There are also several types of aluminum foil tapes, including liner aluminum foil, linerless aluminum foil, glass fiber aluminum foil, flame retardant aluminum foil, conductive aluminum foil tape and so on.

1. Linerless aluminum foil tape

In layman's terms, this linerless aluminum foil tape is our commonly used and common aluminum foil tape. Its main material is basically made of pure aluminum. The base material is flat and bright, the texture is relatively soft, and the adhesion is high. In daily life, we can use it, such as pipe sealing, stove waterproofing or repairing pots and pans.

2. Aluminum foil tape with lining paper

Aluminum foil tape with backing paper is actually similar to tape without backing paper, except that there is a layer of backing paper in the middle. It can also be used in places where electromagnetic shielding is required for electronic products such as mobile phones, computers, and copiers.

3. Flame retardant aluminum foil tape

As the name suggests, the flame retardant aluminum foil tape is made of pure aluminum foil as the base material and a silicone release paper with good performance as the backing paper. It is mainly used to block heat and fire sources, and is suitable for insulation of walls, steel structures, and insulation of automobiles and train cars!

4. Glass fiber cloth aluminum foil tape

The glass fiber cloth aluminum foil tape is made of aluminum foil and glass fiber cloth through the adhesive compound, which makes the glass fiber cloth aluminum foil tape have better tensile strength and is more suitable for wrapping and repairing.

5. Use and description of conductive aluminum foil tape

(1) Conductive aluminum foil tapes are classified into double-conductive aluminum foil tapes (back conductive adhesives) and single-conductive aluminum foil tapes (back non-conductive adhesives) according to their conductive properties. Their functions are to eliminate electromagnetic (EMI) interference and isolate electromagnetic waves from the human body. damage, avoid unnecessary voltage and current and affect the function. In addition, it has a good effect on electrostatic discharge after grounding, and can replace enameled wires and various types of transformer shielding.

(2) Types of aluminum foil tape products: aluminum foil tape can be divided into: single lead, double lead;

① Single lead: only the aluminum foil is conductive, and the glue is not conductive;

② Double conductor: the glue aluminum foil is conductive